Similar to the wholesaler/distributor info VIP Preview is designed to allow our chain buyer the same opportunity to receive a VIP Preview sampling.

VIP Preview and Team Saverino understand the value of your time and the amount of new or line extension products you see on a weekly and yearly basis. With over 30 years of experience and listening to our client base, VIP Preview was born.

Your special kit will contain a brief description card and a sample of the new product, custom and hand packed for you to explore under your own control.

We find that this special box containing the element of surprise is a great way for you to look, taste, feel and share with your family in the privacy of your own home (if corporate policy allows of course) to get a close hands on tasting or sampling without the stress or overload of new item meetings.

We have listened and learned from our buyers and understand that due to the amount of items each buyer manages along with 2 to 4 live sales presentations in a day or week, at times, will cause a buyer to possibly over look or put to the side a product that just might have filled or created a need in your stores to generate more profit.

As with our commitment to our wholesalers/distributors we prequalify each manufacturer to make sure they are ready to go to market with programs, racking, promotions and placements to make sure you get what is needed to drive sales.

Please understand VIP Preview is a combined partnership and in order for new placements to take place it is imperative that Wholesaler and Chain are both in agreement.

VIP Preview is in no way designed to force distribution or "backdoor" as we call it.

Retailer/Oil Chain

Key Oil Chains