Key Distributors

VIP Preview will help our wholesalers and distributors see first hand all new products available in the market without the need of a sales meeting until interest is established.

Each wholesaler/ distributor will receive the same VIP Preview as each headquarter/oil chain.

VIP Preview is an aid to helping our distributor/ wholesalers see what interest the market has on new products entering the market knowing each manufacturer has been prequalified on the demands and needs to support the wholesale/ distribution channel from marketing to  the final sale.

VIP Preview understands the busy schedules our clients have and the time it takes to set meetings, evaluate new products. VIP Preview allows you to receive a kind of "surprise package" containing a sampling of you "never know what" until you open it. Everyone likes opening an unexpected package especially when you never know what's inside.

The sampling was designed for you to take home if you prefer and share with family or friends under your terms and at your leisure. If interest exists you can contact us directly for additional samples to be sent in for you to share with others in your organization.